Sunday, December 2, 2012

0 tutorial VMware workstation 9.x

Installing ESXi 5.x in VMware WorkstationOK, so we have been uploading a lot of vSphere 5.1 related video content over the past two weeks and there is more vSphere content on its way. But we had promised some new Workstation content as well.
So just to freshen things up and switch the spotlight back over to Workstation for a small little bit of time, here we have a new video for all of you Workstation fans.
But don’t fear my vSphere-loving friends and followers, this video may also be of some interest to you as well because in this video tutorial w
e discuss and demonstrate installing vSphere ESXi 5.1 in a virtual machine running on VMware Workstation 9.x.
Installing ESXi in a virtual machine provides a way to try the product without dedicating hardware to it. A virtual ESXi machine can be very useful if you are studying to become a VCP (VMware Certified Professional) for example.
It is worth noting that by default you can only run 32-bit virtual machines in ESXi. If you need to run 64-bit virtual machines, see the Additional Information section in VMware Knowledge Base article Installing ESXi 5.x in VMware Workstation (2034803).
Note: From a Technical Support perspective, VMware does not support running nested ESXi/ESX servers in production environments. For more information, see VMware Knowledge Base article Support for running ESX/ESXi as a nested virtualization solution (2009916)


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